Civics Lessons

Lesson Topic: Civil Law

Sidney Young vs. Riley Gardner

Case developed for the 2009 Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament
Civil Case-negligence, texting while driving

Brooks v. Lawrence and the Clearwater Police Department

Case developed for the 2007 Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament
Civil Case-unnecessary force

Mable vs. Clearwater Sheep and Cattle Company

Case developed for the 2005 Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament
Civil Case-Liabilty, water pollution

In the Matter of Shelby Withers vs. Clearwater School District

Case developed for the 2003 Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament
Civil Case-student whose disability may have manifested itself in the form of behavior that is arguably dangerous to others

Jamie R. Killian v. R.A.G.E. Enterprises & Chris Schultz

Case developed for the 2001 Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament
Civil Case-Negligence, paint ball injury

Goldilocks vs. the Three Bears

This scripted mock trial includes ideas for pre and post mock trial activities.

Krabbs v. Plankton Mock Trial

Students learn about the different roles and responsibilities in a court by participating in a mock trial.

The Problem of SpongeBob RoundPants

This short scripted mock trial for grades 4-6 involves SpongeBob suing Abercrombie and Fish for pants that don’t fit. Scripted parts allow the trial to move quickly to jury deliberations during which the student jurors actually decide the verdict of the case.

Understanding Contracts

In this lesson, students are asked which of two chocolate bars – one with nuts, one without – they prefer. A single representative is taken from each preference group. These representatives are given the chocolate bar that they prefer less, motivating a contractual trade. One student unknowingly has an empty wrapper, eliciting debate after the trade is completed. The class concludes by discussing possible equitable solutions.

Perdante v. Dalton Academy

Case developed for the 2013 Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament: Civil Case
The plaintiff, a member of an up-and-coming high-school mock-trial team, alleges that the defendant, a rival school, made defamatory statements about the plaintiff in the defendant’s online newspaper.