Our Mission and Vision

The Michigan Center for Civic Education’s Vision and Mission

Our Shared Vision:

The Michigan Center for Civic Education champions education for active and informed engagement in the practice of democracy. 

Our Shared Mission:

The Michigan Center for Civic Education (MCCE) provides and strengthens authentic civic education and professional learning.  MCCE advances the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of teachers, students, and communities to foster their engagement in equitable and dynamic civic life.

To achieve the above, MCCE works to innovate the delivery and implementation of civic education programs. Partnerships, collaboration, and research drive which and how programs are championed. Rigorous Constitutional, legal, and public policy programs ensure student dialogue and experiential learning guide deep civic thought. Researched methods in professional learning tailored to the needs of teachers and their communities provide the instructional leadership for teachers who are dedicated to their their knowledge and craft.