Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament

Thanks for the time and effort that is put into this by all of the lawyer volunteers and you, the folks at the center. What a great program. All parents tell me: “I wish they had this when I was in school.”

(Mock Trial Teacher Coach)

My kids presented to our Board of Education last night about Mock Trial. Our students come from a population where less than 10% of their parents have a college education. You would have enjoyed watching my kids swell with pride as they talked of their individual and team accomplishments. I wanted to let you know that, especially for a school like ours, this program has affected kids to the point where it has changed their lives. And they shared some of their stories with the Board last night. Our Superintendent asked the 17 kids who presented last night who was going to pursue a career in the field of law and 10 kids raised their hands!!! In a world of negativity and bloody headlines, I wanted to share with you our success stories and to thank you for making this possible. In 17 years of teaching and coaching, I have never seen a program affect more kids!

(Mock Trial Teacher Coach)

Thank you again for all your efforts in creating this opportunity for our high school students. There is great joy in working with students and seeing them develop their analytical and oral advocacy skills. Your hard work allows these students to experience this life changing transformation. You should take great satisfaction in your accomplishment. Although our high school did not complete as well as we wished, we all had a wonderful time, and plan on being back for next year’s competition.

(Mock Trial Lawyer Coach)

Volunteering for the Mock Trial Tournament affords me with the opportunity to “give back” and encourage some students to consider law as a profession.

(Mock Trial Lawyer Coach)

Mock Trial provides the opportunity for young people to participate in a very realistic trial setting. It gives incentive for creative thinking, creative work and an opportunity to work through a problem when a judge “throws a curve” by making an unanticipated ruling during the presentation. It provides the young folks with the opportunity to develop self-confidence, self-assurance and to learn the value of preparation, preparation, and preparation.

(Mock Trial Lawyer Coach)

Mock Trial provides high school students with an opportunity to learn about the legal system and develop skills that will be beneficial to any future career choice.

(Mock Trial Lawyer Coach)

Educating for Citizenship

This is the only conference I consistently attend. I always get re-inspired to go teach. The conference provides a great opportunity to network with other civics, government and law teachers to share ideas and get new ones!

It is an opportunity to interact with individuals inside and outside of education. I so appreciate the lawyers and judges who attended, participated, and presented.

Clean, polished, highly streamlined, this conference packs in meaningful sessions on all three levels.

I was thrilled to attend this conference! All of the material I received and learned about keeps me current in the fields of law and government and offers me excellent opportunities to pass these lessons on to my students.

Nice conference – thank you for all your hard work so I could get excited about new ways to encourage and inspire my students to be responsible and good citizens.

I have been teaching school for 34 years. I learned more today in 75 minutes about what could and should be done in law related education than I have in many years of graduate education. What an honor to be here!

We the People

High school students gain an impressive amount of knowledge about their government and history through this program. Their participation will make them better, more informed citizens down the road.

(We the People Judge)

I think this is an excellent program for high school students to be involved in. It provides them with a source of historical information that may be tied to current events. I was extremely impressed by many of the student’s depth of knowledge and thought process when it came to the follow up questions.

(We the People Judge)

Tremendous opportunity for high school students to get recognized for their commitment and hard work while teaching invaluable constitutional lessons.

(We the People Judge)

This is a fantastic program. Every year I participate I come away feeling very positive about our students.

(We the People Judge)

We the People has made me think more deeply about politics and has given me an interest to get involved.

We the People has inspired me to participate and learn more about our government.

We the People has expanded my speaking abilities, as well as my confidence in front of others. I felt proud of my opening essay, as well as my ability to back up my beliefs.

Not only did I grow as a citizen, but as a person, socially and mentally. It also brought our classmates together.

I have ammunition against the ignorance and am better able to define and uphold my opinions.

This program has been one of the greatest experiences of my high school career.

(We the People Students)