About Civitas

The Civitas: International Civic Education Exchange Program partners civic education centers in the United States with civic education organizations in new and emerging democracies. MCCE has administered a partnership between organizations in three countries Civitas-Cz, Czech Republic, Orava Association for Democratic Education, Slovakia, and Consortium for Civic Education, Dominican Republic; and three US states, Michigan, the Center for Education in Law and Democracy, Colorado, and the Oklahoma Law-Related Education Program of the Oklahoma Bar Association.

As part of Civitas, MCCE is participating in Classroom to Classroom: Country to Country: Making Connections which pairs classrooms in our partner countries with classrooms in Michigan. Students explore public policy issues in their community, school or country and share ideas with their international partner. Students who participate in these types of exchanges develop lifelong friends and get a better global sense of the world they live in.

Click Here for a power point presentation developed by a teacher participating in CCCC.