Resources Overview

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Over the last 30 years, the Michigan Center for Civic Education has accumulated an extensive collection of resources for teachers and members of the community including mock trial and moot courts scripts for all grade levels, lesson plans on a wide range of topics, and current research on civic education. For more information, Contact Us.

The Michigan Center for Civic Education is proud to be the official Michigan partner for the Civic Mission of Schools Campaign, a coalition of 70 organizations committed to improving the quality and quantity of civic learning in American schools.

Co-chaired by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Congressman Lee Hamilton, the Campaign’s goal is to increase and improve civic learning in grades K-12 by working for policies that implement the recommendations of the Civic Mission of Schools. This includes efforts to bring about changes in national, state, and local education policy. As a partner in this Campaign, MCCE is the first to receive pertinent reports, research, new articles, and other information important to civic education advocacy efforts. For more information on the Civic Mission of Schools Campaign, visit

MCCE also partners with the Center for Civic Education and their Campaign to Promote Civic Education. The Campaign to Promote Civic Education focuses attention at the state and local levels on four pillars essential to reform:

  • Expanding civic education time and policy requirements;
  • Developing or renewing state academic standards;
  • Improving professional development opportunities for teachers;
  • Providing more frequent assessments, especially authentic ones that truly measure student civic competencies.

Go to for a position paper which includes A Rationale for Education in Civics and Government and Proposed Requirements by grade level.