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Congratulations to all the students, teachers, and their communities who came out to showcase their skills!

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Join an amazing group of dedicated professionals in learning how both civics content and the best in collaborative protocols and dialogue.

June 23-28, 2024!

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About We the People

We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution

The Michigan Center for Civic Education has directed the We the People…the Citizen and the Constitution program in Michigan since the program began in 1987 as a special program to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Developed by the Center for Civic Education, the primary goal of We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution is to promote civic competence, responsibility, appreciation, and enthusiasm for the Constitution and our societal issues among the nation’s upper elementary and secondary students.

We the People engages students in a curriculum designed to foster understanding of the institutions of American democracy, including the Constitution with a specialization in the Bill of Rights. Culminating activities feature a simulated congressional hearing in which students “testify” before a panel of volunteer attorneys, educators, and civic leaders. A prepared response and a conversation between students and their panel of judges highlights the best of both student-centered pedagogy and Constitutional scholarship.

During the State Finals, students have opportunities to address panels and testify on critical Constitutional questions of the day. Judges then engage our young Constitutional scholars in dialogue on the content, history, and current applications of the Constitution.

What are the areas of specialization?

We the People is a competition in the format of a simulated congressional hearing.  Middle and High School classes present testimony and answer questions about historical, political, and Constitutional issues.  Students are expected to be generalists in overall Constitutional knowledge and specialists in one of six units of in-depth study. Those are:

  • Unit 1: What are the Philosophical and Historical Foundations of the American Political System?
  • Unit 2: How Did the Framers Create the Constitution?
  • Unit 3: How has the Constitution been Changed to Further the Ideals Contained in the Declaration of Independence?
  • Unit 4: How have the Values and Principles Embodied in the Constitution Shaped American Institutions and Practices?
  • Unit 5: What Rights does the Bill of Rights Protect?
  • Unit 6: What Challenges Might Face American Constitutional Democracy in the Twenty-First Century?

Elementary School Students focus on Five Areas of Stud of those listed above.

The 2023-2024 We the People Showcase & Competition Season Dates and Questions

2023-2024! All MCCE events are being planned for in person.  The We the People National finals, run by the Center for Civic Education, is scheduled to be in person.

Districts – Half Day Events 

State Finals & Showcase – Full Day Event Logistics

  • State Final Championship and Showcase – Tentatively – Friday, January 12, 2024.  Hearings to begin at 10am with a school report time of 9-9:30 am.
  • Volunteers will report between 8:30 and 9:00 am for their orientation. Full orientations are available online prior to the event.
  • See the full schedule in the program link below and here.
  • With appreciation for our 2024 host: Michigan State University College of Law.  
  • An updated scoring ballot is here.


  • MCCE has determined which two questions will be asked for the state showcase and competition.  The questions were chosen to try to provide the whole unit experience – so after analysis of District Question #2, the two questions that best complimented the state questions for the state showcase and competition.
    • For a Google Doc version of the chosen questions is here and the PDF here – MCCE We the People State Hearing Questions 2023-24 .
    • For the State Showcase – Questions are:
      • Unit 1 – CCE Qs 2 & 3
      • Unit 2 – CCE Qs 2 & 3
      • Unit 3 – CCE Qs 1 & 2
      • Unit 4 – CCE Qs 1 & 2
      • Unit 5 – CCE Qs 2 & 3
      • Unit 6 – CCE Qs 1 & 2

Center for Civic Education’s National Finals & Invitational

  • We the People Nationals – April 13-15, 2024 (in person – DC and VA)
  • We the People Invitational – May 11-12  (this is the middle school invitational – and is virtual)

We the People Observers - Sign Up Here

Observer Parking Information.

Observers may park in the pay by plate in designated parking spots. Please use Wharton ramp for observers to ensure there is enough parking for volunteers in the Shaw Ramp. 

The Wharton Ramp is Lot 19 (RAMP 3) and please park only in the designated Pay-By-Plate. The interactive map here provides location info https://maps.msu.edu/interactive/index.php  (you may have to scroll in to see designations). MCCE cannot help with any parking tickets! Please look at signs carefully and use the designated kiosks to pay for your parking. 

There are several local food options for lunch for observers.


Volunteers - Sign Up Here

Thank you to the Michigan State University College of Law for their generosity in hosting this event.

msu law

CALLING ALL 4th-12th GRADE EDUCATORS!!! 2023 Civics that Empowers All Students Program

Are you a 4th-12th grade teacher who wants greater knowledge of how to do We the People and Constitutional Dialogue? Please join us this summer to kick off a 3 year supported professional learning cohort of dedicated educators.

We would love to support buildings and districts who want to bring student civic voice and agency to the forefront. Please consider applying with teachers across grade bands within the social studies and literacy fields if you teach grades 4-8.

Join MCCE for the first elementary and middle school We the People showcase!

March 11, 2024

Wayne State University Law School

Check back for more information including signing up to volunteer!

Join MCCE for the first elementary and middle school We the People showcase!

March 11, 2024

Wayne State University Law School

Check back for more information including signing up to volunteer!

Collegiate We the People!

Join MCCE for the first collegiate We the People showcase!

April 19, 2024

Lansing, MI


Check back for more information including signing up to register and volunteer!

Initial guidelines can be found here

Next Zoom planning call is February 2, 2024 at 11:00 am. Zoom link is here.