Mock Trial CLINIC Registration

Thank you to the volunteers and schools who made the 2020 Community Mock Trial Clinic a success. We hope to place highlights from the sessions on this page soon!

Together with our friends at the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center and the Michigan Supreme Court, learn and advance your knowledge of Mock Trial. This daylong event will feature an outline of the Mock Trial season, evaluation of a practice case, key features of opening and closing statements, plus an introduction to witness development.

What To Expect At The Mock Trial CLINIC

Students and coaches are invited to work on their courtroom skills under the guidance of experienced trial attorneys, law professors, and tournament judges. Sessions will be offered for mock trial participants both new and experienced participants. Sessions are devoted to improving mock skills such as:

  • adapting for virtual courtroom hearing
  • developing a theme for case
  • direct and cross examination
  • developing a witness
  • crafting opening and closing statements
  • objections
  • rules of evidence
  • courtroom etiquette & virtual etiquette

Calling Courtroom Artists and Journalists! Spend the morning learning about the purpose and overview of Mock Trial then spend the afternoon learning and practicing specific techniques to advance the skills necessary to be successful in the Courtroom!