Mock Trial History

Thank You!

The MCCE would like to thank the State Bar of Michigan, the Oakland County Bar Foundation, and the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Michigan for their funding support, without which the High School Mock Trial Tournament would not be possible.

History of the MCCE High School Mock Trial Tournament

Since the early 1980’s, the MCCE has run the Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament with a focus on bringing law-related civic education to students through a challenging, stimulating, and educational event.  Each year, the students are presented with a complex fact pattern that draws upon historical events, trials of contemporary interest, school or classroom situations, or hypothetical and entertaining fact patterns.  Below is a review of last year’s competition followed by a short history of the MCCE trials.

The 2015 MCCE Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament:

Results (click here for full results):

  • First Place – Ann Arbor Community High School (Team A)
  • Second Place – University of Detroit Jesuit High School
  • Third Place – Grand Blanc High School
  • Fourth Place – Ann Arbor Community High School (Team B)

Case Information:

Case: Jami Smith v. Lakeshore Computers, Inc.
Type of Case and General Allegations: Civil; Invasion of Privacy – Technology
Volunteers: 140
Registered teams: 65 total teams from 49 schools

MCCE MHSMTT Historical Tournaments

Year Case Name Type of Case # of Teams Winning Team
2014 People v. Sam Seaside Criminal 54 Ann Arbor Community HS
2013 Perdante v. Dalton Academy Civil 48 Clarkston HS
2012 People v. Thomas “Duke” Osiski Criminal 57 Ann Arbor Community HS
2011 Anderson v. Williams Civil 57 Ann Arbor Community HS
2010 People v. Alex Johnson Criminal 51 Ann Arbor Community HS
2009 ‘Young v. Gardner Civil 52 Kalamazoo Central HS
2008 People v. Morgan Phillips Criminal 51 Kalamazoo Central HS
2007 Brooks v. Lawrence et. al. Civil 49 Kalamazoo Central HS
2006 US v. Becker and Hanks Criminal 42 Kalamazoo Central HS
2005 Mable v. Clearwater Sheep & Cattle Civil 40 Lahser HS
2004 People v. Chris Biggs Criminal 41 Ann Arbor Community HS
2003 Withers v. Clearwater Schools Civil 55 Ann Arbor Community HS
2002 People v. Brunetti Criminal 41 Lahser HS
2001 Killian v. R.A.G.E. Enterprises Civil 50 Kalamazoo Central HS
2000 US v. Lowe Criminal 55 Kalamazoo Central HS
1999 People v. Green Criminal 56 Kalamazoo Central HS
1998 In re: Alice Berkley Juvinile 44 Kalamazoo Central HS
1997 Walker v. Brewster Civil 51 Andover HS
1996 People v. Thompson Criminal 49 Kalamazoo Central HS*
1995 Smith, Guardian of Barker v. Barker Civil 46 Ann Arbor Community HS
1994 People v. London Criminal 48 Kalamazoo Central HS
1993 Bruno vs. Tuebor School District Civil 35 Kalamazoo Central HS
1992 People v. Green Criminal 37 Kalamazoo Central HS
1991 Miles v. Washington Civil 42 Kalamazoo Central HS
1990 People v. Noonan Criminal 29 Kalamazoo Central HS
1989 Roman v. Colby et. al. Civil 36 Kalamazoo Central HS
1988 People v. McGrew Criminal 39 Kalamazoo Central HS
1987 People v. Jones Criminal 49 Kalamazoo Central/Stevenson**
1986 People v. Jackson Criminal 29 Troy HS/Plymouth-Canton HS**
1985 Martin v. Big Burger Civil 22 University Leggitt HS
1984 People v. Beck Criminal 22 Grosse Pointe South HS
1983 People v. Stevens Criminal 10 N/A

*National Champions!