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Please use this page to download (for free) this year’s case materials. Also, use this page to register for regionals and pay for registration. This will also be where you complete your team roster. Thank you for valuing civic and law-related education!


This note went out to all listed teachers or coaches of record of Registered Mock Trial Schools. March 12, 2020 at 10:04 am.

Dear Mock Trial Schools, 

This note is being sent to all registered schools for the 2019-2020 Mock Trial Season. Schools immediately impacted by this decision (Kent Regionals and State Finals) were contacted last night. This note shares the information communicated last night to the schools immediately impacted and provides additional updates.

As you know, Michigan is under a state of emergency in response to COVID-19. Wednesday night, the MCCE Board of Directors met to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the upcoming MCCE events including the Kent Mock Trial Regional, MCCE Civic Education Celebration, Mock Trial State Finals, Mock Trial National Championship and more.  

The Governor’s Office, the Michigan Department of Education, many local districts, as well as courthouse directives are actively limiting or prohibiting travel and larger group interactions. Specifically, #8 of tonight’s MDE recommendations states to “Limit large gatherings such as assemblies and inter-school interactions.” In addition to schools and universities, our volunteers are also experiencing significant limits on their travel limiting their involvement. 

Out of an abundance of caution, the MCCE Board of Directors voted unanimously to cancel the Kent Mock Trial Regional, MCCE Civic Education Celebration, and Mock Trial State Finals. Many Michigan Courts have cancelled future gatherings for the near future in correspondence with the public health guidelines. Kent County Courthouse cancelled our event (just after the MCCE Board also made the decision). 

There is hope to reschedule Kent and States at a later date if the prognosis for the state improves, it can fit in the school calendar, and the state of emergency is rescinded. While the MCCE will consider alternative distance competition via digital media, it is also possible that the most feasible option will call for cancellation of the remaining Mock Trial Competitions.  

What does this mean for a state champion? All regionals but Kent have occurred. Without the two qualifying teams from Kent, we will not crown a state champion unless a Kent Regional can be rescheduled.  

We know this sets off a very unfortunate  ripple effect – without a state champion, who will represent Team Michigan at Nationals? The National High School Mock Trial Championship has been closely monitoring the situation and made the decision this morning to cancel the national championship.  Numerous other states have cancelled or are in the process of cancelling their state competitions. There are confirmed cases in Indiana with many large conventions being canceled and school districts and universities being cancelled. The local health county urged the NHSMTC and the Indiana Bar Foundation to cancel nationals.  The text of their official communication regarding the cancellation is below. 

MCCE does hold hope to reschedule an event in time to have qualifying teams from Kent. If that occurs, we can either a) attempt to host a state finals or b) create a alternative arrangement for deciding a state champion. This could occur without a national championship. These possibilities will need to be flushed out with time. 

If you have a courtroom artist or journalist who was going to attend a regional or states, we would still love to capture their work. Please feel free to provide us your drawing for assessment and celebration. You are welcome to use an online video of a courtroom to use as a foundation for the drawing. Please encourage your students to do so! We have a small gift for all those who do. 

We hope to communicate more when we have a moment to process possibilities against the public health concern. Please look for additional communications in the near future.  Please know this decision was made with a heavy heart and we sincerely hope we can reschedule. While no one likes this outcome and it breaks out heart to send, we would rather you be safe for the future. 

While I hoped to make individual calls, an email was the most efficient way to ensure everyone received the note as quickly as possible and everyone received the same message. Please let us know you received this message. 

On behalf of MCCE’s Board of Directors, we extend both our regrets and also our deep appreciation for all you do for your students and your communities. 

Please take care of yourself and others,


Executive Director,

Michigan Center for Civic Education

Text from The Mock Trial High School National Championship Board of Directors regarding the National Championship.

Mock Trial Friends and Colleagues,

With a heavy heart, we write to announce the cancellation of the 2020 National High School Mock Trial Championship tournament, previously scheduled for Evansville, Indiana from May 7-10. The Board and our Indiana State Host have been monitoring the progress of the now-pandemic COVID-19 virus for the past week, and based on information from local health agencies, we have come to the conclusion that there is no way for us to ensure a tournament that is safe for our students, coaches, judges, and the family and friends who attend every year.  

We are advised that other major national academic competitions are also being cancelled, for similar reasons. We are also aware that at least nine states have cancelled, or are in the process of canceling or postponing their state finals, and we expect that others are considering that action.

We have reached this decision after consultation with local boards of health and hand-in-hand with the Indiana Bar Foundation, and that organization and its volunteers have our profound gratitude. We were excited by what they had planned for May, and we know that it would have been a fantastic experience had events beyond their control not intervened. We hope that by cancelling the national tournament now, we will allow states greater autonomy to either postpone or cancel their own competitions.  

We recognize that the May tournament is also our national business meeting, and we are working on ways to host the state coordinator roundtable and corporate meeting virtually. We will report back as soon as we have a firm plan for how to make that work and when that meeting will be.

We know that this decision is a disappointment, to all of us, but we appreciate your understanding and support of this difficult decision. It pains us to think of passing up the chance to be together and to celebrate this joint project we all love. Thank you for all that you do to support mock trial and civics education nationwide and for the tens of thousands of lives you touch every year. If you should have any questions, please contact Laura Wesley at


Laura Wesley, Chair


Case Update – Please see the updated case information – FAQ and Errata regarding this year’s fact pattern. Final update: February 2, 2020

2019-2020 Case Errata – Case Materials Final Update- February 2, 2020:

MCCE 2019-2020 Case Materials Quin Zion FAQ / Errata Final Feb with updated page 68 2020

Google Doc /

Rules and Guidelines – Google Doc / PDF

The 2019-2020 Tournament and Showcase Schedule. Each Regional offers Courtroom Artist, Courtroom Journalism, plus the Legal Team events. Those dates are:

February 22, 2020 – Washtenaw County Regional, Ann Arbor

February 29, 2020 – Oakland County Regional, Pontiac

March 7, 2020 – Macomb County Regional, Mt. Clemens*

March 7, 2020 – NEW! Ingham County Regional, Lansing

March 14, 2020– Kent County Regional, Grand Rapids

March 20. 2020 – Reception for Mock Trial Community at the Kalamazoo Radisson

March 21. 2020 -High School State Finals  in Kalamazoo**

March 21, 2020 – Middle School Mock Trial State Showcase in Kalamazoo**

Schools will be notified of Regional Assignments the week of January 13. 

*Macomb County Regional will give priority to Macomb County schools in scheduling this tournament; however, out of county schools are welcome to apply.  Please register early if Macomb is your preferred regional.

**For 2020, State Finals will be held at the Kalamazoo Radisson and the Kalamazoo County Courthouse. It is being held a test run for the Mock Trial National Championship in 2021. State Finals will return to Lansing in 2021. 

NEW! Competition updates, registered teams, programs, volunteer updates and confirmed teams!

Please visit  here for all updates regarding registered schools, regional notes, and regional programs.


Couldn’t join us at the clinic? Let us take the clinic slides to you. Thank you to Kathy Purnell (JD, PhD)  of Justice for Our Neighbors who presented Asylum: Legal Foundations. Please review the slides here:

Legal Fundamentals-Asylum-MockTrial-2019

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MCCE has established a limited amount for scholarships for schools whose cost prohibits attendance. Please contact us asap if this is you.

Registrations will be accepted until January 10, 2020 at 3 p.m.

A 50% refund of Registration fees will be available for teams withdrawing before 3:00 p.m. on January 10, 2020. No amount of registration is returned for drops that occur after January 10, 2020 at 3 p.m.

For a listing of team registrations received, please follow this link.  Thank you.