The State Bar of Michigan was instrumental in the creation of MCCE in 1982, and along with the Michigan State Bar Foundation has provided ongoing support for LRE in Michigan. In 2009, the State Bar convened a Law-Related Education Summit and published a plan to Expand and Deepen Law Related Education In Michigan-- the State Bar’s Role.

The State Bar of Michigan Law-Related Education Committee is an excellent source of materials and programs for lawyers.

Lawyers can assist teachers in many ways, as liaisons to the legal community, as content experts for teachers, and as classroom presenters. Many excellent resources have been developed specifically for lawyers to make interactive presentations in the classroom, K-12.

If you would like to invite a lawyer to present in your classroom but are not sure where to start, try these directories:

Local Bar Associations

Trial Court Directory

State Bar Member Directory

MCCE developed resources for Classroom TLC: Teachers Lawyers Children in Partnership which paired lawyers with a class of elementary students for an entire year.

Overview of Outcomes (PDF, 21 KB)
A Successful First Visit (PDF, 22 KB)
Tips for Success (PDF, 24 KB)
Court Visits and Mock Trial (PDF, 23 KB)
Follow up to Visits (PDF, 20 KB)
Making Rules and Laws (PDF, 16 MB)
Resolving Conflicts (PDF, 7 MB)
Influencing Public Policy (PDF, 5 MB)
Serving the Community (PDF, 7 MB)

The American Bar Association has many publications with lessons, tips, and ideas for lawyers and judges going into classrooms.

MCCE recommends:

Sure-Fire Presentations I and II

These booklets offer a variety of one-session, easy-to-use classroom strategies for lawyers for teaching elementary and secondary students about the law.

Lawyers Helping Young People Become Good Citizens Series

Making Rules and Laws, Resolving Conflicts, Influencing Public Policy, Serving the Community

Each of these four booklets includes lessons for lawyers to use with students, K-12. Materials include Lawyers Pages, Teacher’s Pages, and Student’s Pages.

MCCE’s Resources, Programs, & Lessons

Educating for Citizenship

Educating for Citizenship is a conference for educators and community members that highlights best practices in law-related and civic education in Michigan and nationally.

Civic Education Teacher of the Year Award

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Mock Trial

A Mock Trial is designed to reenact much of what might take place in a trial court.  Students take on the roles of attorneys and witnesses and compete against each other in real courtrooms in front of real judges and lawyers.

"[A] unique opportunity for young people to learn about the legal system..."

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