Mock Trial

Mock Trial Clinic:

Each year, the MCCE puts on a clinic to help students learn courtroom skills under the guidance of experienced trial attorneys and tournament judges. Sessions are offered for mock trial participants both new and experienced. Clinic participants take part in sessions devoted to improving mock trial skills such as:

  • Theme, Theory, and Analysis
  • Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
  • Direct Examination and Cross-examination
  • Being an effective witness
  • Handling of Evidence and Exhibits
  • Objections and Responses
  • Courtroom Do's and Dont's
  • A Judge's Perspective
  • Coach's Corner

This year's clinic will be held December 14, 2017 

Location: Michigan Hall of Justice, Learning Center


Mock Trial Clinic Registration Form - 2018

Mock Trial Clinic Registration Form
Hall of Justice and Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center - Lansing, MI
Registration Deadline: December 7, 2017

Students and coaches are invited to come and work on their courtroom skills under the guidance of experienced trial attorneys, law professors, and tournament judges. Sessions will be offered for mock trial participants both new and experienced participants. Sessions are devoted to improving mock skills such as:
  • direct and cross examination
  • being a witness
  • crafting opening and closing statements
  • objections
  • courtroom etiquette
This year’s clinic will include a tour of the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center and, if scheduling permits, a visit to the Michigan Supreme Court Chambers!

Registration and Payment
  • All attendees must register and pay the $10 registration fee. Lunch and learning materials will be provided. Please communicate any food or accessibility accommodations required.
  • Please make checks payable to the Michigan Center for Civic Education and return to: Michigan Center for Civic Education, 306 Townsend Street, Lansing, MI 48933

Student teams must be accompanied by a school authorized adult.
Clinic Participants: Please indicate person’s role by each name. For instance, write “student”, “attorney coach”, “teacher”, etc. for each.

When you press "Register Now," you will be redirected to "PayPal" for payment to the MCCE. Due to technical limitations, you must input the amount in the box above in the "Donation Amount" field on PayPal. Please Note: There is a $10.00 per-team transaction fee for online registration included in the pricing.
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