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The Michigan Center for Civic Education was founded as the Michigan Law-Related Education Project in 1982 by a consortium of organizations -- the Michigan Department of Education, the Michigan State Police, Michigan State University College of Education, Oakland Schools, and the State Bar of Michigan.

Since its inception, MCCE has implemented a variety of programs and publications in support of its mission. MCCE serves as the Michigan coordinator for national civic and law-related education programs.  Over the past thirty years, we have built an energetic and cost-effective nonprofit that utilizes the power of an experienced staff and a large group of committed volunteers.

Our programs have included:

Professional Development for Teachers

Authentic Assessment in Law-Related Civic Education
Civics and Law Institutes
Educating for Citizenship, an annual conference
Leadership Training—Civic Education training of trainers
Professional Development targeted to district needs
Social Studies Development Project
Teaching Law in High School Project

Academic Competitions and Student Programs

Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation
Michigan High School Mock Trial tournament
Project Citizen
Student courts
Teens, Crime and the Community
We the people…the Citizen and the Constitution
Youth Law Conference
Youth Summit

Development of K-12 Materials

Bibliography of Law-related Civic education Resources
Michigan practical law Guide

Special Projects

Assisted with the development of Civics and Government Standards, Benchmarks, and Grade Level Content Expectations;
Clearinghouse for best practices in law-related and civic education programs
Directed the Michigan Civic Mission of Schools Campaign
Conducted Civility in Government, a public forum
Civitas: International Civic Education Exchange Program
Classroom TLC:  Teachers Lawyers Children in Partnership
Incentive Grant Program
Law-Enforcement/Teacher Partnership Program

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MCCE’s Resources, Programs, & Lessons

Educating for Citizenship

Educating for Citizenship is a conference for educators and community members that highlights best practices in law-related and civic education in Michigan and nationally.

Civic Education Teacher of the Year Award

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Mock Trial

A Mock Trial is designed to reenact much of what might take place in a trial court.  Students take on the roles of attorneys and witnesses and compete against each other in real courtrooms in front of real judges and lawyers.

"[A] unique opportunity for young people to learn about the legal system..."

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